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Many organizations fail to capture and manage the collective knowledge of their organizations. We have developed methods and techniques to collect, organize and manage knowledge.

Our methods and techniques allow us to document methods, procedures, and processes in a way that can be updated, edited, and queried.

Any method, procedure, or process that can be analyzed can be documented.

Plant MaintenanceAlign Equipment, Instrument Calibration, Lubrication Routes, Balance Rolls, Maintain Equipment, etc.
Process OperationsStart-Up, Shut-Down, Boil-Out, Flush-Out, Color Change, Grade Change, Operation of all equipment, etc.
ManufacturingSet-Up, Start-Up, Shut-Down, Operation of all Equipment, QA, Material Handling, etc.
Data CollectionData CategoriesData ManipulationData Distribution
Individuals, Groups, Existing DataTask, Operation, Key Point, Tools, Safety, KnowledgeRelational DatabaseElectronic, Hard Copy