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Administration, Staffing, and Coordination of in-house programs:
·  Maintain Training Records
·  Provide Administrative Staff
·  Provide Coordinator

Scheduling and Evaluation of trainees:
·  Schedule Programs
·  Schedule Trainees
·  Administer Evaluation of Training
·  Administer Trainee Evaluations

Design and Management of Training Facilities:
· Design Classrooms
· Design Training Labs

Design, Development, and Management of On-The-Job Training:
·  Design Structured On-The-Job Training
·  Schedule/Assign Structured On-The-Job Training
·  Evaluate Structured On-The-Job Training

Design, Development, and Management of Class Room Training:
·  Design Courses, Lesson Plans, Instructional Material
·  Design Evaluation Instruments
·  Schedule Classroom Training

Professional Development of in-house staff:                                                                                                     ·  Instructor Development
·  Coordinator Development
·  Presentation Skills
·  Communication Skills
·  Instructional Design Skills