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CBPH Enterprises, Inc. has developed a suite of custom software applications known as the “CBPH Instructional Development and Record Keeping System.”  These applications are used by CBPH Enterprises, Inc. to design, develop, and implement in-house training programs for their clients. 
CBPH Enterprises, Inc. has developed an “End User” version of these custom applications which is available through a Licensing Agreement.  Features include the ability to Develop, Prepare, Edit, Revise, and Publish:

·  Course Objectives for multiple course

·  Course Descriptions for multiple courses

·  Lesson Objectives for multiple courses

·  Lesson Plans for multiple courses

·  Course Evaluation material for multiple courses

·  Instructional Material

·  Job Instruction Guides

·  Operation Lists for Job Instruction Guides

·  Structured On the Job Training (SOJT) Objectives

·  Glossary of Terms for multiple courses

·  Glossary of Terms for Job Instruction Guides

·  Training Records

·  Training Reports